Kris Wood

Kris Wood has spent her life investing in people, and she brings that same heart to Future Legacy Partners. She is excited to join Wendy and Krista in a supporting role that enables them to better accomplish their vision to inspire people and influence generations.


Kris grew up in the midwest and attended schools in Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She attended college in Nashville, TN where she studied vocal performance and pedagogy. Over the last twenty-seven years, she has had the opportunity to teach hundreds of students individually and direct junior and high school choirs. She has also served in a variety of professional settings in the area of office administration.


Kris has always considered her vocation, with her family in mind, knowing that they were her priority second to her relationship with Jesus Christ. She and her husband Greg, have four amazing children, three of whom are adults and establishing careers and lives of their own; their youngest child will be a senior in the fall of ‘21.


Kris believes that whatever capacity she is in whether a vocal teacher, high school choir director, or administrative professional, her calling and passion are to support and believe in others while walking alongside them in mutual discipleship and spiritual formation. She believes that Future Legacy is yet another opportunity to continue this life of investing in people.

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Future Legacies, LLC, Business Coach, Jasper, AL