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Aspiring Leader Series

Training and developing aspiring leaders is crucial for the growth and success of any organization. Effective leadership positively impacts culture, morale, and productivity. Investing in aspiring leaders ensures a capable talent pool ready for leadership roles and fosters innovation and adaptability.


If you're looking to develop aspiring leaders on your team, The FLP Aspiring Leader Series is for you! Our targeted training enhances communication, emotional intelligence, and decision-making. Let us help take the weight of development off your shoulders by aligning your aspiring leaders with organizational goals, contributing to employee engagement and retention.


In a dynamic business landscape, well-trained leaders are crucial for steering the organization towards sustained success. After coaching thousands of business owners, agents, and team members, we know a thing or two about how to set aspiring leaders up for success. 

Want to learn more about what the Aspiring Leader Series is all about? Check out this video from co-founder Krista! 


The investment for this 5-month series is $390 for the first enrollee. A second person enrolled from the same business at the same time is $260 per month. 

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