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Future Legacy® Performance Planning

The best part about having a Future Legacy Partner coach bring Performance Planning to you is that your team will be fully engaged and have ownership, while YOU are relieved of the pressure of facilitating the annual planning meeting and all that entails. We provide a very easy to follow guide along with our coaching and instruction.

First, We Evaluate and Analyze (Pre-Workshop):
You and each team member will complete a thorough Team Assessment to help prioritize areas that need more discussion, focus, and improvement. This assessment is electronic and anonymous. We like to have this completed well in advance of the workshop. We will send the report back to the Agent a few days before the Performance Planning Workshop. The report will show you strengths, areas of growth, and trends.

Second, We Celebrate and Set Focus:
Once we are in the workshop, we will lead you and your team members through a comprehensive look at what is going well within your business and all there is to celebrate! We will also look at areas that you want to strengthen and begin making plans to do so.

Third, We Plan for What’s Ahead:
We will dive deep into the next 12 months and prioritize the who, when, and where of how you and your team will spend your energies in the office.

Fourth, Strategize for Sales and Customer Care:
We drill down on sales goals, marketing sources, marketing closing ratio breakdown, tracking leading and lagging activities, retention, top priority action steps, main obstacles and how to overcome them, product line training and development plans, the customer appointment experience, and customer care activities for the year. We will focus on auto first, then life in the workshop.


The private, interactive, 6-hour in person session is $1400, includes team assessment and $200 guide. All team members are encouraged to attend the workshop.


The private, interactive 6-hour virtual session is $1000, includes team assessment $200 guide. All team members are encouraged to attend the workshop.

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