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Future Legacy® Performance Planning

Experience the ease of a Future Legacy Partner coach bringing Performance Planning to your team. Benefit from full engagement and team ownership, while we handle the annual planning meeting pressure. Our guidance includes an easy-to-follow guide and coaching.

Here's how it works:

Evaluation and Analysis (Pre-Workshop): Complete a comprehensive Team Assessment with your team members to identify discussion points, focus areas, and improvements. This anonymous, electronic assessment should be done well before the workshop. We'll provide a strengths, growth, and trends report a few days before the Performance Planning Workshop.

Celebration and Focus: In the workshop, we'll review your business's achievements and successes and pinpoint areas for improvement, initiating plans for enhancement.

Planning: Dive into the upcoming 12 months to prioritize how you and your team will allocate efforts in the office, addressing the "who, when, and where."

Sales and Customer Care Strategy: Concentrate on sales goals, marketing source breakdown, tracking activities, customer retention, action steps, obstacle solutions, product line training, enhancing the customer experience, and customer care for the year. The workshop will begin with a focus on auto and then shift to life insurance.

Incorporate our expert guidance and coaching for a smoother, more productive Performance Planning process.


The private, interactive, 6-hour in person session is $1400, includes team assessment and $200 guide. All team members are encouraged to attend the workshop.


The private, interactive 6-hour virtual session is $1000, includes team assessment $200 guide. All team members are encouraged to attend the workshop.

Group discount for 5 or more business teams participating together. $1200 per business team for the in-person session.

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