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The Leader Series

Today’s economic and business environment is demanding more from entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams. With continuous change, disruptions to the business, and heightened employee and customer needs, leaders must reflect, acknowledge, adapt, and adopt to both proven and new strategies to better managing their time and responsibilities.


Employees are seeking different skills from their leaders. Teams want leaders who:

  • Explain the why of the work,

  • Connect with empathy,

  • Communicate with authenticity, and

  • Collaborate with openness.


The FLP Leaders Series focuses on helping Leaders build their leadership, time-management, and communication skills so that the leader can better coach and empower strong, motivated, and productive teams.


The Leader Series focuses on:

  • Self-awareness, mental agility, stress resiliency, and emotional intelligence

  • Communication and coaching techniques, including how to handle emotionally charged conversations

  • Time management, context management, and organization

  • Strategic performance planning, business management, and accountability


In our Leader Series, entrepreneurs and leaders will receive 12 one-hour LIVE virtual coaching sessions over six months. Using assessments, activities, and discussions, we teach an intentional curriculum designed from our experience and time coaching thousands of business owners and leaders over the last 25 years. We offer success strategies and together work through many topics leaders need for more success and joy in their role.


The live coaching is offered in a group setting with up to 12 leaders per group from across the U.S., providing a much-needed community and accountability for business learning and discussion with fellow leaders and entrepreneurs.  


The investment for this 6-month series of 12, 1-hour live coaching sessions is $395 per month for 6 months.   

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