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Client Spotlights


Natalie was empowered to sign up for our 10-month program so her team would know how invested she was in their success at work and beyond. The top three things she learned: "Mental fortitude, balance and discipline with our life choices." Thank you for letting us be part of your team's story Natalie!


Tracy Tucker is an incredible agent in Kearney, MO. She has completed multiple sessions of the Team Series, Performance Planning, and private coaching. Tracy's team has gone from consistently finishing Ambassador Travel in December each year to hitting Level 3 and Chairman's Circle by Thanksgiving! Tracy attributes her team's shift in mindset to FLP coaching. Thank you for entrusting us with your team, Tracy!


Hannah is an incredible agent in Aiken, South Carolina who signed up for TWO Team Series Sessions AND the Leader Series. The top three things she and her team gained: "Change in office culture, self-awareness for all, and communication improvements". Thank you for all you're doing for your team Hannah!


Wesley Greene is an awesome agent in Asheville, NC. The key things Wesley and his team learned in the Team Series: "How to communicate as a team, how to measure results personally and professionally, and how to use what drives us personally to impact our profession". Thank you for trusting us with your team's development, Wesley!


Misty Allen is an incredible agent in Cleveland, TN. She is a two-time Team Series graduate and a Leader Series graduate. Misty believes that the Leader Series helped her become a better leader and that she was challenged to grow in each session. Thank you for entrusting us with your team and your time, Misty!

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