Future Legacy Partners Testimonials

What Results are You Seeing Because of the FLP Team Series?

“Life insurance is the biggest one for sure. We are more consistently and confidently pivoting to all of our current clients and uncovering needs that we didn’t know they had. It helps to feel much more accomplished as an office.” 

“Drive!!! I’ve noticed a lot more drive and ambition when it comes to goals we need to complete. Now that we know why we want things, we work so much harder for them.”

“Our office is pivoting more; our team is more connected and understanding. I have been able to recognize meaning to what I am doing and sifting out toxic behaviors, people, etc.” 

“We’ve implemented many techniques into our sales approach which has increased sales and client interaction.” 

“We are working on defining job roles for each team member, writing out specific systems, and sharing with the team. We had the best production month in June in our 35-year history… working on training and coaching around the financial services conversation.” 

“Last week, we were in the top 5 for quoting in our sales territory. Each team member is focused on their opportunities and areas of expertise.”


“It has helped us be more in tune to one another’s needs so we can help each of us accomplish our goals as a team.” 

“I’ve set aside “Me Time” every day at work! It gives me blocked off time to get my work done so I’m not overwhelmed thinking of everything I need to do when my team needs my help. It took me a while to know the office WILL NOT burn down in my 2-hour blocked-off time!” 

“I accomplished how to deal with different situations at work, how to deal with client and co-workers, and how to deal with stress in a positive way.”

What Would You Tell Other Leaders and Team Members About the FLP Team Series?

“I would tell owners to enroll! If not for the team, then do it for themselves because it is awesome! You learn more about who you are, what you value, and what the people around you value so you can then meet on common ground and become a great team.”

“This team series is 100% worth it, and then some. It gives you a wider perspective on why people are the way that they are. This overall helps you with your biggest “why” behind things. It helps you keep your professional and personal life on track for where you want it to go and set higher standards and goals for yourself.”

“Do not think twice, not only has it help me personally as an individual but it has also helped me in daily work with my co-workers and customers, as well as, my home.”

“Do it! It is worth it! Do the homework. Take it seriously. Use the things you learn, every day... it will pay off and benefit you not only at work, but in your everyday life.”

How Does the FLP Team Series Help Your Mindset and Engagement? 

“We have been able to more effectively process the changes of losing and gaining team members. In what comes from the hand-off from the departure and the whole new training design for the newcomers.”

“It provides constant moments to reflect on the area of discussion during each session and the week following it. Reflection and assessment of both internal and external variables; It allows growth for each individual both personally and professionally.”

“We have become stronger and closer as a team. We understand each other’s personalities better and actually let a team member go who was not being a team player. It shows true personalities and that our job is not for everyone.”

“Personally, I have found confidence to try things that I was nervous to do before, like pivoting to products before I felt ‘ready’ to. I have been able to motivate and encourage the team using verbiage we discussed during the series, like “Don’t let lizard brain win!” when I see them struggling.”

“Trying to have more confidence in myself and STOP holding myself back. I know I am so much smarter than I give myself credit for.”

“It actually has helped me see my goals in my personal life. Now that I am getting that set up, it has made me more engaged and have more energy in my work life.”

“I have created habits for myself directed at encouragement, rest, and positivity, as a result of the Team Series. I think that as a team, a big takeaway has been that if we have any sort of conflict among the team, we have to always consider the person’s intent rather than how we interpreted it, and it has produced better communication.”

How Has the FLP Team Series Improved Your Health and Wellbeing?

“We have all really tried to become healthier by incorporating exercise and a healthy diet. We believe that this will help our overall attitude towards each other and create a better work environment.”

“I have found myself being intentional when it comes to being proactive about my health.”

“I feel happier!!! I still want to improve my physical health but I feel my mental health has already improved. I am letting go of negative energy so there’s more space for positivity!”

“As someone who has struggled with a balanced healthy lifestyle, the Holistic Health assessment has opened my eyes to the changes I need to make in my life. I had never connected the effect of my personal health to my work environment and the way I feel.”

There are hundreds more comments just like these sharing how the FLP Team Series is making a positive difference in their lives, their work teams, and in their results. Reach out to Future Legacy Partners today to discover what the FLP Team Series could do for you!