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When I first conceived the idea for Future Legacies, I was trying to solve a problem. Actually, I was trying to solve many problems. 

After 16 years of coaching business leaders and teams while working for a company ranked in the top 50 of the Fortune 500, I realized the need for leadership training, development, and coaching goes well beyond the walls of blue chip companies. I've traveled 25 weeks each year teaching workshops across the United States, and yet there are so many growing communities, growing businesses, and growing leaders and teams who need direction and guidance. People and places, much like my hometown, where folks are working to grow their local economies and improve their communities.

At the same time, educators and administrators in high schools and colleges are doing their very best to equip students academically so that these young adults can better excel in their college and work pursuits. All the while, HR professionals are mentoring young hires on the appropriate ways and behaviors of the working professional. 

And lastly, I realized that community leaders across the country are struggling to help families and children to break the cycles of poverty, addiction, neglect, abuse, etc. I know all too well what addiction, abuse, and incarceration can do to a family and its children. 

So, as I and my partners mentor and coach teenagers in schools, one of the first concepts they learn is that our inherited legacy does not define our future legacy. What we have been born into, blessed with or burdened with can be used to make us stronger, wiser, and more resilient. We can use our inherited legacies to equip us as we build our future legacies.


Likewise, as we coach and train business leaders and their teams, they learn that their current circumstances do not define who they are or their potential. They can choose and work toward the future they desire.

Now, as Future Legacies and its affiliates set out to expand our reach, I invite you to join us. Whether you sign up for our services, take our classes, invite us to speak to your organization, or partner with us by licensing our teaching programs, we hope you will join us in our work to inspire and equip people and to influence generations.

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Wendy W. Smith

My journey of helping people of all walks began a long time ago. First, as a counselor helping individuals battle the holds of addiction and later helping families create forever homes for children. I learned early on the power that partnership and support can have in overcoming challenges and achieving goals.

I've witnessed that same power as I coached and trained thousands of business leaders and their team members for over 20 years in a top 50 company of the Fortune 500, and again now in our individual and team coaching sessions. It is easy to assume that leaders and professionals who own or work in profitable businesses would have everything figured out. 

I have spent countless hours listening and observing leaders and professionals. What I know is that there are trying times of team turnover, discord, lack of leader engagement, poor communication, or unmet expectations and accountability, to name just a few.

There are also times of personal distress, family commitments, and the desire to balance it all. All the while, many people struggle to take care of their bodies, minds, and relationships. We eat for convenience instead of nutrition. We don't rest as much or as well as we should, and we don't exercise to stay fit.

What's true is that, as humans, we all face challenges. Whether those challenges be personal in nature, work-related, or stem from our environment. There are times in all of our lives where we can benefit from perspective, knowledge, and encouragement. 

Future Legacies and its affiliates are designed to help the whole person and the whole team. Partner with us as we work to inspire and equip people to grow their confidence, live abundantly and create a strong, lasting legacy.

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Krista Hawkins

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Future Legacies, LLC, Business Coach, Jasper, AL