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Cathy Robertson

Having been a successful State Farm Agent for many years, Cathy attended ADP and realized her passion for coaching and developing other Agents. She became an exceptional and encouraging Enterprise ADP Coach for State Farm coaching countless Agents and Team Members across the United States. 

Cathy was then approached to become a part of the Agency Leadership team where she served as an AFC in Maryland and later as an AFE in Florida where she hired and developed many Agents to achieve impressive goals such as Chairman’s Circle. 


Wanting to move closer to her family, Cathy returned to Agency and opened an office in Alabama. Upon retiring from State Farm in 2022 and wanting to continue to help others through coaching, Cathy joined the Future Legacy Coaching Team. Cathy also privately coaches other business owners, agencies, and teams, as well.

Family is very important to Cathy, and she loves time on the lake with her husband, playing with her puppy, and helping her girls. She especially loves her time with her grandbabies and also spending time with her sweet mom.

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Future Legacies, LLC, Business Coach, Jasper, AL