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Future Legacy Partners Program Offerings

Business Meeting

Individual and Team Coaching

Individual and team coaching can be customized to your specific needs, goals, and situation.

The FLP Team Series

Crafted, designed, and delivered with the agent and team in mind. 

Focusing on developing you as a leader and coach, while also developing your team members. 

Coach agents and team members as people first, then as professionals working on a successful team in a demanding and complex industry. 

Virtual Team Meeting
Business Man

The FLP Leader Series

Building leadership skills so that the leader can cultivate strong, motivated, and productive team.


Focuses on:


  • Self-awareness, mental agility and emotional intelligence

  • Communication and coaching techniques


  • Time management and context management

  • Business management, production, and accountability

Performance Planning

Performance Planning allows you to take a deep look into your business, team, and goals and set a strong strategy and systems for the coming months ahead. 


Be ready to:

• Partake in a thorough analysis of your agency and team

• Celebrate successes

• Identify opportunities to improve

• Create a solid path to make achieving your goals a reality



Planning can be held any time of year.


Every day is a great day to strategize, motivate, and work more effectively. Start today!

Implementation Planning
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