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Future Legacy Leaders provides student coaching that allows them to receive valuable leadership and life skill strengthening to enhance their high school years, help in the college selection and admission process, and set themselves apart in a competitive world.
The Teen Series

Future Legacy Leaders offers a comprehensive training and development program centered on encouraging teenagers to lead themselves, empower others, achieve personal and professional success, and design a future legacy of leaving others better than they found them.

The Teen Series focuses on four fundamental areas:

  1. Leading Self 

  2. Empowering Others 

  3. Achieving Success 

  4. Designing Your Future – Building a platform for lifetime learning and achievement, securing your options, and capitalizing on your opportunities

Our Teen Series provides a forum for students in 8th through 12th grades to explore the many facets of leadership in society today. The program equips teens to:

  • Deepen their understanding of themselves and others, create awareness, and generate a positive growth mindset

  • Communicate more clearly and effectively, listen with intentionality, and speak with honesty and respect

  • Better assess situations, cast vision for preferred outcomes, think strategically, and identify options, obstacles, resources, and solutions

  • Approach their educational future with thoughtful action and expectation

  • Utilize the methods and skills learned in this program throughout their lives to advance their careers, influence their families and strengthen friendships


Statistics have shown the likelihood of repeated patterns within dysfunctional family dynamics. Future Legacy Leaders hopes to help more and more teens reach their full potential in adulthood regardless of their current circumstances.

It is our goal that every student graduates this program believing in themselves, knowing they have the power to enhance their future, and the optimism to achieve remarkable success.

83% Very Satisfied

17% Satisfied

Overall satisfaction with the course. 

92% Strongly Agree

4% Agree

The instructor seemed to really care about me and my development.

84% Strongly Agree

16% Agree

This course provided guidance on how to become a competent adult.

88% Strongly Agree

12% Agree

Because of this course, I better understand what makes someone a leader.

84% Very Satisfied

16% Satisfied

Because of this course, I now know what a vision and mission are.

78% Strongly Agree

22% Agree

Because of this course, I am better able to think about a future career for myself.

83% Strongly Agree

17% Agree

Because of this course, I better understand the need and ways to save money.

79% Strongly Agree

21% Agree

Because of this course, I better understand the need for respect and acceptance.

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"This class broadened my perspective and helped me understand myself, life, and growing up. It helps and teaches us life skills that are helpful and uplifting."

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