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You care about your team and their success. You may  also struggle to “get it all done” when it comes to leading, managing, coaching, strategizing, incenting, and ensuring results.
That's where we come in! With our solutions and  programs, we help you focus in strategic areas  while we also coach and develop your team as they work toward results.

would recommend Future Legacies and its training programs to a friend or colleague


agree that the FLP coaches effectively present lessons and tools, and create an environment that encourages learning


agree that after graduating, they have a clear understanding of the behaviors that contribute to a positive culture and how they contribute to that culture


agree that they are more comfortable holding themself and others accountable in positive ways to enhance results and have a better appreciation for trust, character, and competence within a team

The Team Series

We know leaders care about their teams and their personal and professional development. We also know it can be hard to effectively and regularly develop your team when you wear so many other hats. That's why we developed our Team Series.


The Team Series is a comprehensive team development program that delivers life coaching, professional coaching, and team coaching in a group format. Our curriculum increases communication, professionalism, solution-focused strategy, and performance. 

We introduce and reinforce positive, solution-oriented competencies and behaviors to create better results within the team. Using assessments, activities, and discussions, we confront tough topics all work teams face. We teach your team how to prevent and work through the underlying causes of frustration, disconnection, and disfunction. 


In our Team Series, your team will receive 20 one-hour LIVE virtual team coaching sessions throughout the year plus 20 additional hours of team development content to every member of your team. Session Groups involve up to 12 business teams, providing a community for business learning and discussion with other teams across the U.S. - without anyone leaving your office. 

And while we provide consistent, development-focused team meetings throughout the year, you have more time to focus on other strategic areas.  

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“Life insurance is the biggest one for sure. We are more consistently and confidently pivoting to all of our current clients and uncovering needs that we didn’t know they had. It helps to feel much more accomplished as an office.” 

Conferences & Coaching

In addition to our Team Series, we also offer live, face-to-face conferences for leaders and conferences for professional members of the work team.


Or, if you're looking for a more personal touch, we also offer private, individual and team coaching and development. 


Contact us for more information.

Check out our Podcast! 

Our guest episode with the Club Capital Leadership podcast is now LIVE! We enjoyed spending an hour with Bradley Hamner discussing issues all agents and business leaders face: solving problems, developing team members, working toward consistency and more. 

Serving in all your roles as you build your business can be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. It can also become “the whirlwind” felt by every agent, including those who are highly successful and those just getting started.


While you face the whirlwinds of constant change, adapting quickly, driving sales results, chasing promotions and recognition, putting out fires, team issues and turnover, customer complaints, claims and underwriting frustrations, and more, it can be challenging to work ON your business rather than IN your business. ​

Preferred Partners

We understand that it's impossible to juggle it all and do it well. That's where our preferred partners can help! Click here to view who we recommend to help with your business's marketing, accounting, and sales training needs! 

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