The Team Series

Invest in Your Team

As a leader we know you care about your team and often focus on sales training and product knowledge for their development. This year, give them something they never expected yet need…training beyond the numbers! Provide the team personal coaching, professional coaching, and team coaching that shows them they are more than a producer or service representative. Invest and focus on each team member as a person first, then as a professional and watch the team flourish. 

“Life insurance is the biggest one for sure. We are more consistently and confidently pivoting to all of our current clients and uncovering needs that we didn’t know they had. It helps to feel much more accomplished as an office.” 



98% agree the FLP coaches really care about them and their development and provide team learning by encouraging everyone to complete activities and participate in team and class discussions. 


About Future Legacy Partners Team Series

After coaching thousands of Agents for the past two decades, we know you care about your team and want them to be successful. We also know there is more to your world than just your business. We care about you as a person and as an entrepreneur and would be honored to become your team’s professional development and business coaches!

We proudly offer a program specifically for those looking for a comprehensive, team-development program that offers group learning with other business teams. Teams experience life coaching, progressional coaching, and team coaching that provides life coaching, professional coaching, and team coaching that increases communication, professionalism, solution-focused strategy, and performance. 

We introduce and reinforce positive, solution-oriented competencies and behaviors to create better results within the team. Using assessments, activities, and discussions, we confront tough topics all work teams face. We teach your team how to prevent and work through the underlying causes of frustration, disconnection, and disfunction. 

FLP Team Series Sessions can be utilized as consistent, development-focused team meetings throughout the year, freeing time for the business leader to focus on other strategic areas. 


  • We provide 20, 1-hour LIVE, virtual team coaching sessions throughout the year PLUS 20 additional hours of team development content to EVERY member of your team. 

  • Session Groups involve up to 12 business teams, providing a community for business learning and discussion with other teams across the U.S. - without anyone leaving your office. 


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Registration for 2021 is now open. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you, free your time, and empower your team this year. To learn more, contact us today! 

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Conferences & Coaching

In addition to our Team Series, we also offer live, face-to-face conferences for leaders and conferences for professional members of the work team.


Or, if you're looking for a more personal touch, we also offer private, individual and team coaching and development. 


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