At Future Legacy Partners, we have invested decades to training and coaching business owners, leaders, managers, professionals, and team members. We are dedicated to helping leaders, their spouses, and their work teams. 


There are several ways we can help:

  • Team Series: Live, interactive virtual training series for work teams in our Team Series.

  • Conferences: Live, face-to-face conferences for leaders and conferences for professional members of the work team. Contact us for more information.

  • Coaching: Private, individual and team coaching and development.


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The Team Series

Registration for 2021 is now open! Click here to secure your spot or ask questions. 

What The Team Series is All About 

The FLP Team Series is about giving individuals and teams the opportunity to develop as people and as professionals in their chosen field of work. It is filled with valuable and proven tools and concepts to help your team grow and succeed.


It’s about connecting the dots of who you and your team are, what you care about, how you live, and how you work together, so that you can better maximize your results in the office and in your personal world. From your thoughts and reactions to communication and problem solving, from your engagement and accountability to your performance and culture, we explore over 50 concepts and tools to help you better align your actions with your goals and values.


It’s about removing the barriers that get in the way of production. It takes more than product knowledge to be successful in sales. The FLP Team Series helps individuals overcome obstacles and build confidence in their role.


It’s training beyond the numbers. You and your team receive 20 hours of live, professional coaching from experts who have a combined 60 years of experience as consults and coaches for thousands of executives, employees, and entrepreneurial teams. Plus, 15 additional hours of development content and activities to use outside of class times.


It’s getting off the island without packing a bag. Your team joins a community of professionals from across the country through simple-to-use virtual technology twice per month to learn together, expand your network, and have some fun.


How It Helps Leaders

The FLP Team Series allows busy entrepreneurs and leaders to outsource team development through consistent team meetings coached by experts in a simple, cost-effective way, freeing the leaders to focus on other strategic areas.


It’s about onboarding future hires with success and potential for longevity. Once you participate in The FLP Team Series, you may use the curriculum content with all future new hires as a method for enrolling them into your vision, acclimating them to your team culture, removing barriers that limit results, and building work-role confidence quickly.

How Do You Experience It?

Every other Tuesday or Wednesday at the time you have chosen you and the team will log in to a 1-hour video conference.

  • You will be joined by the FLP Coaches and other participating teams from across the U.S.

  • Your entire team may attend the same session or divide and attend at different session times.

  • Live sessions take place from late January through early December through simple to use technology.


To enroll, contact us to reserve your preferred day and time.

Who Can Benefit from The Team Series?

  • Any individual or team seeking growth and development.

  • Business owners, professionals, managers, employees, and individuals.

  • Business leaders who could benefit from having experts lead and deliver professional development training for their teams, saving the leader prep delivery time that can be focused elsewhere.

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Want to learn more? Check out our audio and videos below:  

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Participants Share How the FLP Team Series Has Helped Them:

Stay Focused and On-track to Accomplish Goals

The FLP Team Series has helped me to be more focused on what I am doing and why I am doing it. It helps me stay on track with accomplishing goals and being the person, employee, and financial advisor that I really want to be.


The Future Legacy Coaches have challenged me to know who I am and what I want my future to be. The FLP Team Series has reinforced what I do and encouraged me to continue along my path of success.


Better Understand and Interact as a Team

The classes and topics have been very helpful. I have a better understanding of other members of the team. I now understand myself better and my interaction with my teammates better. I have learned what I require and what my teammates require, and we are now able to work better as a team.


The FLP Team Series reinforced my feelings of who I am and why I am the way I am. It also helped me to understand why others are the way they are. The classes broadened my empathy for others and has helped me to be more open to others’ behaviors.


Solve Problems and Move Past Frustrations

I liked that the FLP Team Series made me think about why I do what I do. It helps to remember the whys on days where it seems everything is going wrong. I’ve learned ways to help me get past the frustration. The lessons in the FLP Team Series certainly help to you narrow down which battles you want to engage in. The series and tools help me to stay focused on what's really important.


The FLP Team Series has given me a new way of reviewing problem situations to arrive at a solution, and it has provided me with a good system for decision-making.


Be a Better Employee and Parent

The FLP Team Series makes me think about why I do my job, how I want my kids to see me, and how I hope they grow up to be as well. Making me a better employee and father. I had never thought about my own Mission Statement before this class. I liked creating a mission and goals to work towards. It made me really think about my values, why I want to stand behind them, and why I want to pass my values down to my daughter!


It has been beneficial to understand the "why" of my character traits. This Series helps me understand my habits and routines, get past my initial instinct, and move on to the better habit I want to create.



100% of participants agree that experiencing self-development and learning in the Future Legacy Partners Team Series with their entire team has been beneficial, and that our coaches care about them and their development.

Listen to co-founders Wendy Smith and Krista Hawkins share their stories on The Hidden Stories with Jeremy Fulkerson podcast:

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