At Future Legacy Partners, we have invested decades to training and coaching business owners, leaders, managers, professionals, and team members. We are dedicated to helping leaders, their spouses, and their work teams. 


There are several ways we can help:

  • Team Series: Live, interactive virtual training series for work teams in our Team Series.

  • Conferences: Live, face-to-face conferences for leaders and conferences for professional members of the work team. Contact us for more information.

  • Coaching: Private, individual and team coaching and development.


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Team Series

In this series, we confront some of the tough topics all work teams face in an effort to prevent, triage, and treat the underlying causes of disconnection. You will uncover, explore, and adopt mindsets and actions which build trust, open communication, professionalism, performance, and synergy.

Your team will experience a comprehensive training and development program that provides life coaching, professional coaching, and team coaching. Imagine each member of your team receiving coaching and training to help them to:

  • Better understand themselves, how they think, how they respond, and how they interact with others.

  • Development as a professional in their role with your organization, and understanding the overall purpose and mission of your work and the individual role they have in achieving it.

  • Create an open, trusting environment where each person on the team feels empowered and valued.

  • Analyze their strengths, weaknesses, their leadership and communication skills, and their performance.  

  • Confronting tough topics as a team and forming pathways and solutions for common work team challenges.

  • Better lead themselves, empower others and achieve personal and professional success. It’s about designing a future legacy of leaving others and their world better than you found them.

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Who Can Benefit from The Team Series:

  • Any individual or team seeking growth and development.

  • Business owners, professionals, managers, employees, and individuals.

  • Business leaders who could benefit from having experts lead and deliver professional development training for their teams, saving the leader prep delivery time that can be focused elsewhere.

How The Team Series is Delivered: 

  • Live classroom for work teams through virtual technologies.

  • There are 20,1-hour sessions delivered twice per month (with the exception of July and December, when many teams are focused on vacations, holidays, and end-of-year activities.)

  • Touchpoint coaching in-between sessions delivered to the business leader or the team captain to keep the learning fresh and to encourage the application and use of the new tools and knowledge.

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Listen to co-founder, Wendy Smith, share her story and her work on The Hidden Stories with Jeremy Fulkerson podcast.

Success Story: 

“Krista and Wendy make a great one, two combo for coaching. Their experiences combine to bring real world business coaching and professional counseling into one unbelievable experience. They manage the delivery with new technology in a seamless coaching style that is engaging to the team.

Working with Future Legacy Partners brought to my team what was missing – passion and excitement for their personal and professional development. The program broke down the barriers and obstacles we had with trust and communication within the team and rebuilt our team with unparalleled unity! I highly recommend their program, it’s an amazing return for the investment.”

Wesley Greene

State Farm Agent, Asheville NC