Krista Hawkins Testimonials

“Krista is incredibly talented.  From a business development coach to health coach, and from super entrepreneurial wife to magnificent mom. She never ceases to amaze me. Krista has such passion for the work she does, and it is contagious among the leaders and work teams who are fortunate enough to experience her coaching.  Krista inspires and encourages others. She is always positive and always anticipating greatness from others. We all stretch to a higher version of ourselves when we’re around Krista. Thanks to Krista for making a difference in my life and in so many others who have worked with her in her long-time coaching and development career. Krista also coached my team in Health and Wellness. We all learned so much from what she taught us, and are still applying our learnings today. Again…thanks to Krista for helping us - not just in business, but in our personal wellbeing also. I can only try to repay Krista for all she has meant in the life of my team and me personally.” 

- Cindy

“Krista is truly one of the MOST amazing people I have ever met. She cares so deeply about agents. When I was nervous about speaking in front of the room, she always calmed me down, “You’re just having a conversation with your fellow business leaders!” And that always helped put me in the right mind frame. The one-on-one coaching calls helped me tremendously. Krista truly “gets it”. She knows what leaders and business owners are battling every day. She meets those objections head on and offers solutions that are realistic, practical, and thought-provoking. Her holistic philosophy is what so many entrepreneurs are lacking. I feel as if I have grown leaps and bounds over with Krista’s coaching!”

- Laurin

"Krista Hawkins was our team coach for the Spring 2017 season. Before her ideas, insight, and business exercises, I was a walking doormat. I had ideas about what I wanted to do with my life but no goals. I had dreams of what I wanted to be but no list to go by. You get the idea. On our first day of training, which was for sales, she said something important, "To be great at sales, you must be a great salesperson. Not with techniques but with your wellness and personal success. A house must be built on a great foundation. If you are your best self, nothing can stand in the way of your sales goals". That was the most honest statement I have ever heard. You can have all of the sales work tracks in the world but if your life is not going right and your attitude sucks, so will your sales goals and job for that matter. Krista's course focused on the salesperson as well as the job itself. Our team came back fired up after every session with homework to do on ourselves as well the office. We wrote over 100 applications a month during our company's worst year. Krista knows that your team matters. She will get your team to the next level. P.S.- Love the '30 second rule', use it every day in my life."

- BL Bishop

“Krista Hawkins is my friend.  Krista and I met while co-coaching a development program for business owners to move their businesses and their lives forward with more purpose and joy. I instantly found Krista full of charisma and extremely passionate about self-improvement. Needless to say after five minutes with her, I felt like we were long lost friends! At the time I met Krista, I was a bit out of shape and had put on weight over my adult life weighing about 245lbs. She’d ask me what I wanted out of our work together, and I wanted to get healthy again as an adult. Hard to define healthy, but I knew I was anything but at the time. I was 5’10 and 245lbs. I was border-line diabetic, blood pressure running 155/125, and many future issues if I didn’t make changes. Krista helped me put together a plan that included nutrient-dense food, a consistent exercise program, (I love CrossFit) and supplemented my diet with whole food nutrition. Krista helped me tie my goal of being a better leader, father, and husband with being the best me I could be - mentally and physically!  We created a road map that I needed to follow. I’m now at 202lbs and in the best shape of my adult life!Krista walks the walk, she lives the life that she’s preaching to others and understands that the student has to be ready to learn or the teacher doesn’t matter. If you get a chance to hire her, work with her, or work for her, do it!”

- Dane

Future Legacies, LLC, Business Coach, Jasper, AL