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Team Series FAQs
  • What is the FLP Team Series?
    Teams experience live coaching that increases communication, professionalism, strategy, and performance. We introduce and reinforce positive, solution-oriented behaviors to create better results within the team. We use assessments, activities, and discussions and confront tough topics that all work teams face. We teach your team how to prevent and work through underlying causes of frustration and dysfunction. We know it can be challenging to be consistent with holding team development meetings. It is also time-consuming to create the development content for the meetings so our sessions are utilized as consistent, development-focused team meetings throughout the year.
  • Who are the FLP Team Series Coaches?
    The Future Legacy Partners Coaching Team has over 125 years of combined experience leading, training, coaching, and developing entrepreneurs, executive leaders, professionals, and teams across the United States. We encourage you to read about the coaching team here.
  • How do teams experience our FLP Team Series?
    We know it can be challenging to be consistent with holding team development meetings. We also know it can be time-consuming to create development content for your team meetings. Utilize our sessions as consistent, development-focused team meetings throughout the year. FLP coaches lead 18, 1-hour, LIVE, virtual coaching sessions to EVERY member of your team. You will receive curriculum for the 18 live sessions AND will receive 20 additional hours of team development content to use in team meetings and 1-on-1’s in the future. In your chosen group, you will be joined by participating teams from across the United States (groups consist of 10 or few total teams). Each participant completes the Team Series curriculum using our copyrighted, comprehensive workbook and tools.
  • Why is the FLP Team Series a valuable option for my team?
    Many leaders focus largely on sales training and product knowledge for team development and still may not see the performance levels they seek. We provide training beyond the numbers! We provide your team personal, professional, and team coaching – the series develops each team member as a person first, then as a professional, and then as a team of professionals.
  • How does the FLP Team Series benefit Leaders and teams?
    We built the Team Series with Leaders in mind. We know you are pulled in many directions as a business owner and leader, and we built and deliver a comprehensive program to help your team build strength, resiliency, and synergy that can free your time and focus. We provide a way for you to incorporate professional development and coaching into your office environment. You can free up and repurpose the hours you are currently spending on planning and delivering meetings. Every member of your team can be coached live by development experts without leaving your office or their remote working location. Teams can participate together during the workday. Team members who receive Team Series coaching will better understand their thought patterns and responses, and how that impacts performance. Teams will learn how to manage their interactions with co-workers and customers and how that impacts the overall team culture. Team members will better see themselves as professionals and align their actions to stay on track and focused and generate results. Teams will have the foundation and tools to improve engagement and positive accountability to more easily reach short-term and long-term goals. You can better build a trusting team culture, address issues productively, and create synergy and high performance.
  • Is this live, private coaching?"
    This is live, personal, professional, and team coaching with the FLP Coaching Team. Your team will choose one dedicated day and time slot to attend the Team Series. Your dedicated group will consist of up to 8 teams, providing you a community for brain storming, learning, and growing. Sessions are 1 hour in length. Sessions are conducted through Zoom technology. We have a dedicated Zoom line. Teams can choose to attend via iPhone, tablet, or laptop. Many teams stream the sessions from their laptop to their TV or screen.
  • Is this for all Team Members?
    Yes! This program is designed for every person who works in your Agency. Team members can be in the office or remote works. Team members can be licensed or unlicensed, part-time or full-time. Team members can be sales oriented, customer service oriented, or office managers.
  • I am a new Agent. Is this for me?
    Yes! This is such a great way to build a strong foundation for you, your business, and your team.
  • I am an established Agent. Is this for me?
    Yes! This is a great way to keep or rebuild a strong foundation for you, your business, and your team.
  • Does the Agent participate with the Team in the Team Series?
    We strongly encourage Leaders to participate with their teams. Leaders will develop themselves right alongside their team members and will learn first-hand what really makes their team members tick. To get the most out of the series, we encourage full immersion by the Leader and each Team Member who participates.
  • When can we attend?
    Teams will choose ONE preferred day and time slot for the series. Teams are encouraged to attend together. Some teams are very large and may find the need to divide into two groups. Contact us at if your team falls into this category. Click here to view the available time slots.
  • Do I close my office during the session?
    Most all teams who attend together forward their phones to voicemail for the hour-long session. Typically, one member of the team, most often the Agent, will watch for any walk-in traffic and will handle customer needs.
  • What if I have to miss a session?
    No worries! If you have an emergency, a planned vacation, or you are out sick you can message an FLP Coach, and we will provide you options for other days and times to attend the missed session. We prefer advance notice if possible. We encourage teams to attend every session. We provide a calendar in advance and suggest the best practice of scheduled the session days and times before the series begins.
  • What happens if I lose a team member or gain a new one?
    We understand team members may come or go in the year you are coaching with us. No worries! Your new team members will start right where we are at in the curriculum. Because you have the former session pages you will be able to utilize them for onboarding your new team member. We ask that you email the FLP Coaching team with the new team member’s name and email address. Also, you will indicate if you would like that team member to take the MBTI®.
  • What do past participants say about the FLP Team Series?
    We encourage you to review our testimonial page here.
  • Is there a contract to participate in the FLP Team Series?
    It is important to us that you are satisfied with the development you are receiving. For that reason, we do not have Agents sign participation contracts. You are free to stop the series at any time and only pay for the curriculum and live sessions that you have received. Refer to the Team Series Agreement for full details. We do have all Agents sign a Team Series Agreement that includes a confidentiality contract on behalf of themselves and their team members. Our curriculum and content are protected by copyright and cannot be shared outside of the Agency. We will pursue legal action for any content that is shared without our written consent.
  • What is the investment for the FLP Team Series?
    $295 per month for a 12-month payment plan for Single-Office Agency $395 per month for a 12-month payment plan for Multi-Office Agencies Payment options are available: Monthly for 12 Months or Pay in Full Participants will pay electronically via our PayPal Business Account or via business check Tuition payments do not include the MBTI Assessments. Assessments are purchased separately for $52 per person on the team. If you are a returning team (you have completed the Team Series a prior year), you receive a returning alumni discount. Contact us at for the details.
  • How do I enroll in the FLP Team Series?
    Option 1: Click here to enroll online as a single office agency. Click here to enroll online as a multi-office agency. Option 2: Send an email to with your name, email address, cell phone number, and the session day and time choice #1 and choice #2 (in case your #1 is not available). Once your email is received, an FLP coach will be in contact with you with more details.
  • My team participated in a former FLP Team Series. Can we participate again?
    Yes! We cover over 70 concepts and tools in the series and we know that parts of the curriculum will hit you differently at different times in your life and business. Consistency in developing yourself and your team is a key to a successful Agency. We would welcome you and will provide a returning alumni discount.
  • I still have some questions and would like to talk with an FLP Team Series Coach.
    Set up a Discovery Call with us today. We are more than happy to talk with you and explore what would be best for you and your team.
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