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Wendy W. Smith Testimonials

"Thank you for everything you have shared with us. Your coaching has truly changed the way I see myself and others.  I’ve grown personally and professionally since starting this journey, and I cannot thank you enough for leading us all. I truly hope our paths cross in the future! Love and Blessings."

- Laura A.

"I have been in several different roles in my career and have seen all kinds of leaders. Every once in a while, one of those leaders comes across as something different. I can say now after meeting you and attending your class that you are truly an asset and a tremendous blessing to your attendees. Everything from your personality to your dedication to the way you want to see improvement in people - it is simply the best. I pray for your continued success as a coach and will continue to praise you as a mentor to any who will listen. The content and the relationships are life-changing. It is one big puzzle, and when it comes together it makes something that is almost larger than life when taken as a whole."  

- Patrick S.

"I am very thankful to have met you and to be able to call you friend. Many times in life we forget the importance of friends. You definitely helped me through a time of need and change. You inspired me to set and achieve goals I never believed possible. What a year it’s been. Thank you for being you and sharing so much. Genuine people are mighty hard to come by these days, but you are definitely one of the BEST."

- Billy Y.

"Because this has affected me in such a positive way, I seriously do not believe you could design from scratch a better leader/teacher/guide/mentor than Wendy Smith! She is absolutely amazing and would be an unbelievable template from which to cut many, many copies!"

- Savannah W.

“I was overwhelmed by Wendy's ability to engage the class. She is able to relate and able to dictate. She is so on top of her game, and I can't imagine somebody else teaching a class like this.”

- Donna H.

“Wendy does this effortlessly. She is smart, effective, sincere, and energetic without being pushy. She is excellent at coaching groups. She is gifted at putting complex concepts into words that are easily understood. Learn from Wendy. She is the best!”

- Krista H.

“Krista and Wendy make a great one, two combo for coaching. Their experiences combine to bring real world business coaching and professional counseling into one unbelievable experience. They manage the delivery with new technology in a seamless coaching style that is engaging to the team.

Working with Future Legacy Partners brought to my team what was missing – passion and excitement for their personal and professional development. The program broke down the barriers and obstacles we had with trust and communication within the team and rebuilt our team with unparalleled unity! I highly recommend their program, it’s an amazing return for the investment.”

-Wesley G.

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Future Legacies, LLC, Business Coach, Jasper, AL