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Why Choose Future Legacy Partners? 


We fully understand the many facets of your role and the demands of your world.

We know how exhilarating and how painful running your insurance and financial services agency can be. 

We understand what makes teams successful year after year and what causes disconnection and disfunction. 

We get it, we see it, we’ve experienced it, and we speak your language. 

We know how lonely the silos, island, and your desk can become. 

We know the tricks your minds can play.

We have felt the roller-coaster ride of sales.

We celebrate when... 

You walk the stage, get the trophy, and hear the applause of your peers.

You grow your team size and grow your market reach.

You mentor your team member in the quiet moments.

You counsel a customer through a tough time.

You protect families and futures ever day.


Our Future Legacy Partners Team includes members who...

Built a long and successful agency career.

Is married to an agent of 20 years.

Has sold financial services sales and trained thousands of others to do so.

An Executive Coach of 25 years.

Coached, mentored, trained, and developed thousands of agents and team members for a combined 80 years.

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Future Legacies, LLC, Business Coach, Jasper, AL