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Krista Hawkins has invested her career in helping others to create new beginnings. First, as a counselor helping adults recover from addiction and later as a counselor guiding families through adoption. For 20 years, she worked with a Fortune Top 50 company providing guidance, coaching, and training to thousands of business teams, helping them to build effective systems and enhance their performance. Traveling the United States as a leadership and sales coach, Krista has helped business leaders and professionals to maximize their potential and become their best self.


Today, she and her business partner, Wendy W. Smith, lead Future Legacies, LLC and its affiliates:


  • Future Legacy Leaders, LLC - Providing education, training, and curriculum for teenagers and young adults through schools, colleges, and communities and equipping the next generation to build legacies and empower their futures.


  • Future Legacy Partners, LLC - Providing education, training, and consulting for entrepreneurs, work teams, leaders, and professionals, and enabling them to create synergy and optimize solutions.


  • Future Legacy Wellness, LLC - Providing education, consulting, and curriculum for individuals, teams, and schools and helping people to grow confidence and live abundantly.

As an entrepreneur and the wife of an entrepreneur, Krista understands the importance of priorities and balance in work and in life. While on a 4-year scholarship and as co-captain of the Illinois State University Swimming Team, Krista earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development with academic honors followed by a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education. She is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach. Krista is married to Chad, a State Farm Agent, and they have two extraordinary daughters.


A role model for healthy living, Krista is active in yoga, running, and the lifetime sport of swimming. Krista and her younger daughter produced and hosted a school television newscast, Hawkins Health Tips, inspiring teachers and kids to live healthier lifestyles. She is a supporter and former board president of Special Kids, a nonprofit Christian organization providing therapies to children in need.

Krista also empowers others through her holistic health coaching practice and is a Qualified National Marketing Director with the Juice Plus Company, sharing the benefits of healthy living with others since 2011.


Believing everyone should be equipped to make healthy choices, Krista endorses a holistic lifestyle - relying on faith, enjoying real and unprocessed foods, drinking water, exercising, maintaining life balance, quality rest, choosing fulfilling work, serving others, and living in joy.


She acknowledges that change does not happen overnight. The keys to success are knowledge and education, a commitment with emotional connection, and preparation followed by action. Taking small steps can be the best way to create lasting change and new beginnings. These new beginnings become the foundation for building Future Legacies for ourselves and others.

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