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Back to School Tips for Teens

I can NOT believe it’s almost August! This summer has gone by in a flash, and that means it’s almost time to return to school. Back-to-school can be a hectic, stressful time for teenagers. Balancing new teachers, workloads, friendships, and schedules can be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve put together some tips for how to take charge of the new school year:

Get Plenty of Rest - Having the right amount of sleep is imperative in high school. Students who tend to sleep less than eight hours a night may not be as awake or alert during the day. Studies have shown that rest can improve test scores, and even performance in sports and other after-school activities. According to the national sleep foundation, teens on average need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.

Keep Your Locker and Backpack Organized - This one might seem silly, but keeping your belongings in your locker and backpack organized will help you focus your classes rather than shuffling through your things to find a pencil. Have you ever experienced that awesome feeling you get when you finish cleaning your room? Same concept. Trust me – stay organized!

Get Involved - I can’t stress this one enough. Find your passion and dive in. Whether it’s sports, clubs, band, or theater, find what you like and go all in. Participating in these activities will not only enhance your college resume, but also help you make friends.

Prepare for the Next Day - Lay out your clothes, books and other things you may need for the following day of school. If you pack your own lunch, consider doing it the night before to cut down on the morning rush. Being prepared the night before will help you have a less stressful morning. You can even sleep a little longer!

Eat a healthy breakfast - Starting the day with the most important meal is important. A healthy breakfast helps your brain function better and it helps your body work more efficiently. It takes just 10 minutes to kick start your day in a way that will help you be successful.

Breathe - Before heading out the first day of school, take a moment to breathe. Your high school years will fly past and soon you will be heading off to college. Take time to meet new people, participate in after school activities and study hard.

Wishing you a wonderful first day back to school,


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