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How to Battle Complacency

Krista Hawkins

I just read this great article on for business owners and it’s about avoiding the awful bug of complacency. Go ahead and raise your hand if you have ever struggled in this area as a business owner. It’s okay, many of us have!

The great news is that we get to be in charge of avoiding complacency in our business and there are some easy ways to do this. The hardest part is actually committing to do these easy things. I say so often that the long way is really the short cut for achieving what we really want in life and in business.

Here’s what I pulled out of this article and why I believe these things are worth the commitment to avoid complacency:

  1. Get outside your comfort zone.

  2. Keep customers happy.

  3. Drive employee engagement.

How can you accomplish greatness in all three of these areas? Hire a personal development coach for you and your team.

From our experience coaching business owners across the country for two decades, one thing remains consistent and that is the dread most business owners have around developing their team. It’s not that they don’t want to develop the team, they just don’t know exactly how and/or struggle to find the time to do it.

Training and reviewing goals is of top priority and that’s very important in a business. Yet, what we have learned is that employees want to be developed and when they are, they stay in the business as a more happy and loyal employee. When you have happy and loyal employees, they interact differently, in a positive way, with your customers.

There is a direct correlation between happier employees and happier customers.  You can feel the difference in the climate of an office where the employees have been invested in and like all of us, they want to be in a positive climate. In such a climate, the unemployment rate is low and employees have their pick of jobs in those areas.

As business owners, you work hard through the recruiting, interviewing and training process. Retention of the great employees is the goal, and we know it takes more than good training and a good salary to make them stick around. Keep the focus, get outside of your comfort zone, and allow us, people who have experience and expertise, to take the wheel of personal development for your team.

We have a dozen spots to fill before we are sold out for the team series this year. Grab your spot! Learn more here, or contact us to sign up today!

Wishing you a life free from complacency,


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