Wendy W. Smith

A person’s calling is found when her passion meets the pain of the world.


Wendy W. Smith’s calling is to minister to the hearts and minds of people. As a co-founder of Future Legacies, LLC, Wendy supports those who hope for something better and helps them to achieve it.

At age 5, Wendy was given up by an alcoholic mother and raised by a father who fell into drug addiction. Both of her parents have done wonderful things for others in their lives, yet struggled personally and have been incarcerated at various times. Wendy is also a survivor of postpartum psychosis and depression following the birth of her first child. With all she has experienced, statistics say she should be in jail, on drugs or worse. Instead, Wendy is alive, loved, happy, and productive. While she mourns what has been lost in the lives of her parents, she is grateful for her journey and is determined to live a life set apart from her heritage.

In her career, Wendy invested 16 years as a leadership and business coach for a Fortune Top 50 company, traveling the United States coaching and training business leaders and teams. Having coached over 500 workshops and taught over 4,000 people, Wendy has addressed audiences of 5 to 500 in corporate, educational, student and ministry settings. Previously, she spent 13 years in the financial services industry as an Investment Representative, General Securities Principal, Municipal Securities Principal, and led a team of truly remarkable financial services professionals across the southeastern United States.


Today, she and her business partner, Krista Hawkins, lead Future Legacies, LLC and its affiliates:


  • Future Legacy Leaders, LLC - Providing education, training, and curriculum for teenagers and young adults through schools, colleges, and communities and equipping the next generation to build legacies and empower their futures.


  • Future Legacy Partners, LLC - Providing education, training, and consulting for entrepreneurs, work teams, leaders, and professionals, and enabling them to create synergy and optimize solutions.


  • Future Legacy Wellness, LLC - Providing education, consulting, and curriculum for individuals, teams, and schools and helping people to grow confidence and live abundantly.


Wendy’s path from abandonment to the empowerment of others included significant mentors who spoke into her life and gifted her with life tools. It also required work and sacrifice. Working full-time at a bank and part-time at a department store simultaneously, Wendy earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with honors and debt-free from Birmingham-Southern College. She later trained as a Professional Life Coach at the Christian Coach Institute. When not traveling, speaking to groups, or consulting with clients, her energy is focused on her husband, son, and daughter.

Through her leadership, coaching, and teaching, Wendy is empowering and equipping people to build a Future Legacy worthy of their divine placement in this world.

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