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5 Steps to Prepare for Q4

As we welcome the last moments of Q3, it is hard to believe we’re only days away from the fourth and last quarter of the year. With such an atypical year of remote work, economic uncertainty, virtual school, and the US election season, 2020 has caused unprecedented shifts in the way we think and behave in both personal and professional capacities. Although there are still uncertainties in what the last few months of the year will look like, there are intentional activities you can adopt to ensure your most successful conclusion to 2020.

1. Stock up on supplies.

No matter what industry you operate in, you have supplies necessary for operation. If you require supplies for physical delivery to your clients, start stocking those now. Additionally, items that were once scare in a COVID-19 world have the risk of depleting more quickly around the holiday season. If your operation requires your team to be physically in the office, be sure to stock up on paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels, as well as cleaning and disinfectant items like Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer.

2. Get organized.

In the fourth quarter, you want to make sure you have an office or workspace that functions efficiently. The enhanced holiday schedule and busy time of year is the last moment you want to be searching for those expense reports or stapler. Carve some time out to make sure your space is fully functional so you can work as quickly as possible with few distractions. This is especially helpful if you are working from home.

3. Start anticipating trends.

Whether you are selling goods or services, anticipating trends in your industry and with your competitors is very important in Q4. Although this year has been filled with uncertainty, focus on the things you can control and predict. Anticipating and analyzing trends will allow you to adjust your strategy to fully maximize your outputs at the end of the year.

4. Reflect.

Especially in such an unusual year, carve out time to reflect on the year and make notes of your accomplishments and shortfalls. Although certain economic factors often drive the bottom line, other goals like team synergy and customer satisfaction can still be accomplished. Use the transition to Q4 as a time to recognize the goals you have yet to accomplish this year, and how you can adjust to accomplish those goals by the end of Q4.

5. Appreciate.

Whether you are the owner of your business, a manager, or an associate, reflect on the people who have been there for you so far this year. In times of crisis, people really step up to the task and help each other. Think back on those who have gone above and beyond for you or your company and acknowledge their dedication. Reflecting will help open your eyes to things you can do to return the favor in Q4. Whether that acknowledgement is monetary or a simple thank you, you can let them know they are appreciated.

We hope these intentional steps will help you prepare for a strong Q4, allowing you to focus on what is really important – finishing the year strong with your team and customers.

Wishing you a successful finish to Q3 and 2020,

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