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Bringing Your Team Together During the Holidays

The holidays are typically recognized as a time to take a break from work and get together with friends and family. For companies that want to increase engagement, the holidays are also a great time to bring your team together before the year ends. Although COVID-19 might prevent teams from gathering in person this year for holiday parties, there are still ways to celebrate together.

With such a challenging and unique year, now is the perfect time to bring in some fun and festive holiday spirit that will boost morale and help your team finish the year strong. Here are three ways to bring your team together during the holidays:

1. Time Back

Time back is one of the best benefits you can offer your team. If you operate in an industry that slows down a bit during the holiday season, treat your team to an early day or two as a reward for their hard work. Make it a surprise or give them a heads up that they’ll get a half day next Friday. Either way, your team will feel appreciated, valued, and recharged. You could even offer an extra day off during the holidays for an even bigger reward.

2. Family Inclusion

2020 has been difficult for most everyone, but parents of young children have been especially challenged. While working from home, helping their kids with remote learning, and just trying to parent during unprecedented times, your team members who are also moms and dads need some affirmation and recognition, and the holidays are a perfect time to do this. There are many ways to get creative with this:

  • Mail a handwritten card to their children expressing how much the employee means to you, the team, and how much you appreciate them.

  • Send their kids a box of treats for Halloween.

  • Purchase a gift for them at Christmas.

Whatever you decide to do, your team members will appreciate your recognition of their sacrifice this year, and their kids will too!

3. Employee Recognition

The end of the year is the perfect time to thank your team and recognize their individual contributions. Recognition comes in many different forms. Whether you prefer a more personal approach such as a hand-written note and Starbucks gift card, or an award that can be put on display for all to see, take time to make sure you’re recognizing all the great work that has been done by your team members this year.

Building up your team is never easier than during the holidays. Celebrate and reward your employees with these simple, but impactful tips. By doing so, you will not only get a chance to recognize their hard work this year; you will also start the new year off with refreshed and recharged team members.

Wishing you success during the holidays,

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