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Founder Wendy W. Smith Nominated for the Turn the World Outward Award

Founder Wendy W. Smith has been nominated by Bryan Fulkerson for the Arbinger Institute Turn the World Outward Award for her work with teenagers. The Turn the World Outward Award is a celebration of individuals, communities, and organizations who see people as people.

Brian serves as the Senior Manager for Client Solutions at the Arbinger Institute, and had this to say about Wendy:

"There is one moral proposition to Arbinger’s work –

to see others as people and honor the sense that comes to you. We have launched the #TurnTheWorldOutward Award to honor individuals who see others as people. The awardees will be honored in Salt Lake City at the Arbinger Summit in June 2019.

I am honored to nominate Wendy W. Smith for her work with students who have been raised with a challenging upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama.

It became clear on the Hidden Stories podcast that Wendy embodies the spirit of this award. She has chosen to value these children as human beings and shares their gifts with the world. In doing so, she is breaking the cycle for these students, honoring her sense to leave others better than she found them, and Turning the World Outward."

Wendy 's program, Future Legacy Leaders, offers a comprehensive training and development program centered on encouraging teenagers to lead themselves, empower others, achieve personal and professional success, and design a future legacy of leaving others better than they found them. Students receive valuable leadership and life skill strengthening to enhance their high school years, help in the college selection and admission process, and set themselves apart in a competitive world.

To learn more about the Arbinger Institute's Turn the World Outward Award, click here, or watch the video below.

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