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"Stirring Your Soup"

Krista Hawkins

I recently read the book,  “Soup: A Recipe to Nourish your Team and Culture” by Jon Gordon. In this book, he likens the culture of an organization to that of a pot of soup and the leader of that organization to the “stirrer" of the soup. He shares that whoever stirs the pot soup has the largest impact on the taste because the STIRRER is actually the MAIN ingredient of the soup.  

In Gordon’s view, the major ingredient of success in any organization is the LEADER and that leader must:

  • stir the pot with love

  • lead the organization with optimism

  • share the vision

  • build trust

  • fill the void with positive communication

  • add a big dose of transparency and authenticity

  • create engaged relationships

  • combine inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and coaching

  • fill up with appreciation

  • heat with passion

  • bring it all together with unity

All these concepts need to be applied in the organization to nourish the team and culture because culture IS the driving force for behavior and habits of the team. A big point not to be missed in this book is that the culture is a DIRECT reflection of the leader. It's the leader who MUST work hard on creating the right culture because culture shows the values of the organization and it affects motivation which directly affects productivity and performance. 

The success or failure of any work team and culture depends on the leader. Leaders need to be coached, trained and most importantly, through their own personal development, find their recipe to nourish their own teams and culture. 

There are many leaders out there who WANT to lead in a different way yet just don’t know where to begin.  There are also many who have started to change the culture of their organization yet they don’t have the time or resources to truly invest in the development of the team to get them where they need to be.

I couldn’t help but read this book and think about Future Legacy Partners. The team coaching program is a way for leaders to invest in the team, invest in themselves AND change the culture without pouring countless hours into the planning and preparation development can take. 

This year, let Future Legacy Partners be a main ingredient in your SOUP! Contact us today to see how you can get started. 

Wishing you the best,


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