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Why Team Coaching is Important

When thinking of ways to invest in their business, leaders often think of tangible things like building enhancements, software, and new capabilities. Effective leaders must also consider intangible investments as well. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most impactful intangibles – team coaching. Team coaching is an incredibly valuable asset for high-performing teams.

Here are 5 reasons to invest in team coaching for your team today, along with comments from team members who experienced team coaching in our programs in 2020:

1. Transparency

Team coaching challenges teams to have courageous conversations that otherwise might remain unsaid. This allows teams to explore underlying causes of dysfunction to address them. While team coaching should NOT be an open forum to air grievances, it SHOULD be a safe space for team members to be respectfully transparent, opening the group to new perspectives.

“After experiencing the FLP Team Series, we understand each other more now and are better able to communicate with each other.”

“I think team coaching really helps when trying to understand that we all have different mental comfort levels and processes that we need to go through in order to be successful.”

2. Strategy

At the same time, team coaching provides the right level of support in ways that allow for true strategic conversations to take place. Business leaders wear so many hats that it can be difficult to get out of the day to day long enough to revisit strategy. Team coaching allows support for 30,000-foot conversations when it can be easy to get stuck in the weeds.

“I feel like the team coaching we experienced brought our team together and really got everyone to activate towards a common goal and get to really know who you are working with.”

“We strive to put each team coaching lesson into practice and use it to change our team dynamic and work together though difficult situations.”

3. Alignment

Organizational alignment significantly increases the likelihood for success. But living this out can be difficult. Even if not fully apparent, teams often lack alignment and a sense of partnership. Sometimes self-interest leads to misalignment. Other times, it might just be that team members have different ideas on how to address a particular business challenge. Either way, team coaching allows teams to work through scenarios and arrive at an aligned strategy.

“It’s useful to take a step back and examine how we can have accountability and thrive together while also being different individuals with defined roles that work together.”

4. Commitment

Commitment refers to the attachment an employee has to their organization due to their experiences. With team coaching, employees are given the opportunity to make a positive impact on the organization and their peers. They also feel that their voice is heard, and that they contribute to the company’s goals. An accumulation of these things leads to employee satisfaction and purpose, which is a huge factor in retention and commitment.

“I believe my biggest takeaway from the series was group huddles to encourage and celebrate each other. It has encouraged us, motivated us, and given us something to look forward to. We try to speak positively to each other and uplift one another every day. Without FLP Team Series, this wasn't our priority.”

“The Team Series is well worth the investment for your team. I love the fact that our leader was willing to invest in her team and build us up and encourage us through this amazing resource.”

5. Engagement

Employee engagement has historically been viewed as the responsibility of human resources. But for it to be truly healthy, engagement must be an integral part of business strategy. Unengaged employees are a drag on productivity, innovation, and the bottom line. Team members who connect with their peers regularly in team coaching will recognize their contributions and the contributions of others, leading to more invested and engaged teams.

“The coaching has really improved our in-office communication. I've seen a much more efficient approach to goal- setting and tracking as a direct result of the FLP Team Series.”

“I am actively using the tools that were taught in the Team Series and they have helped me stay on top of my personal and team goals. The coaching really motivated our team and helped us to stay goal-oriented.”

Team coaching has proven to be one of the most effective strategies to address the challenges of becoming an integrated high-performing team. It sets the team up to successfully face business challenges and opportunities.

We only listed five, but the reasons to invest in team coaching are endless! And we are here to help. There is still time to sign your team up for our 2021 Team Series.

“Absolutely sign up for the FLP Team Series! Team coaching helps to understand why we think and react the way we do, betters our minds, and teaches ways to handle stressful situations and how to come together as a team.”

Wising you and your team a happy holiday season,


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