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Words of Advice on Workplace Culture

As I was planning for my week this weekend, I ran across this video by Jay Shetty:

This video illuminates staggering statistics about working too hard, being stressed at work, and feeling unappreciated in your role. How incredibly sad!

As former leadership and sales coach who spent 20 years working with a Fortune Top 50 company providing guidance, coaching, and training to business teams, helping them to build effective systems and enhance their performance, I have witnessed first hand what an impact having a positive work environment can have on people.

It is easy to assume that leaders and professionals who own or work in profitable businesses would have everything figured out, but I have spent countless hours listening and observing leaders and professions.

What I know is that there are trying times of team turnover, discord, lack of leader engagement, poor communication, or unmet expectations and accountability, to name just a few. People are much more likely to stay in their current position if they feel appreciated, mentored, and properly compensated.

As leaders, it’s increasingly important to follow the tips from this video in order to maximize your employees’ talents and capabilities. As employees, it’s important to demonstrate your talents and express your concerns for a good work-life balance.

We can all take make actionable changes based on Jay’s advice.

If you’re looking to make intentional strides with your team, contact us today. We’re here to help.

All the best,

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