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Nurturing a High-Performing Team as a Small Business Owner

Krista Hawkins

A high-performing work team includes goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills. They produce consistent results while collaborating and innovatively looking to the future.

At Future Legacy Partners, we realize that as a CEO of a small business, you are the HR department and are in charge of recruiting, hiring, training, developing, mentoring, setting goals, reviewing performance, providing coaching, conducting consistent team meetings, and holding consistent one-on-one meetings while simultaneously running all of the ins and outs of the business.

The following article excerpt from the Society for Human Resource Management lays out barriers that can prohibit your team from performing at their maximum potential:

"Given the importance of team-based work in today's economy, experts have focused on using evidence-based organizational research to pinpoint the defining attributes of high-performance teams.

Despite varying approaches to describing high-performance teams, some common characteristics seem to be strong indicators of a team that is not functioning at its peak or that needs intervention:

  • Nonparticipating leadership. Team members fail to use a democratic leadership style that involves and engages team members.

  • Poor decision-making. Team members make decisions too quickly without a blend of rational and intuitive decision-making methods.

  • Infrequent communication. Lines of communication are closed and infrequent.

  • Diversity not valued. Team members do not value the diversity of experience and backgrounds of their fellow team members, resulting in a lack of diverse viewpoints and less successful decision-making and solutions.

  • Lack of mutual trust. Team members do not fully trust each other or the team as an entity.

  • Inability to manage conflict. Not dealing with conflict openly and transparently and allowing grudges to build up can destroy team morale.

  • Lack of goal clarity. Team members are unsure about their roles and the ultimate team goals, resulting in a lack of commitment and engagement.

  • Poorly defined roles and responsibilities. Team members are not clear about what they must do (and what they must not do) to demonstrate their commitment to the team and to support team success.

  • Relationship issues. The bonds between the team members are weak, which affects their efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Negative atmosphere. An overall team culture that is not open, transparent, positive and future-focused results in a failure to perform at high levels.”

At Future Legacy Partners, we realize that wearing many hats as a small business owner can be overwhelming. That’s where our comprehensive team coaching program comes into play. If your team is facing any of these common barriers or if you want to continue developing your team, contact us to see how we can help you and your team perform at your optimum potential this year.

Wishing you much success,

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