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Tips for Mid-Year Reflections and Planning

Can you believe it is already August? We sure can’t, and with the extremely atypical year we are experiencing, time seems to be moving at a completely different pace. Now that we are at the halfway point in the year, it is the perfect time to set aside time to reflect and reevaluate your 2020 goals and plans to ensure the remainder of the year is successful. We are in a completely different worldly state than we were at the beginning for the year. How are you and your team adapting to change and growing despite it?

Here are a few tips for your mid-year reflections and planning:

Evaluate Performance

Mid-year is the perfect time (especially in the current climate) to set aside time to evaluate yourself, your team, and the company’s overall performance. Although this year might be more challenging than most, it is important to assess your wins, losses, overall contribution, and goals for the future. Be honest with yourself in your evaluation, recognizing that there is always room for improvement. Be ready to discuss new goals, areas for growth, and examples of the values you saw lived out during the first half of the year.

Plan for Success

Even if your organization does not conduct an official mid-year business review, carving out time to assess what you did will help you determine what you would like to do differently in the second half of the year. Success often stems from planning, leading, and being intentional. Dedicating intentional time for planning might help you reallocate resources to better achieve goals, take corrective actions, provide crucial leadership direction for your team, and narrow in focus. During the planning process, focusing on the things you CAN control rather than harboring on the what-ifs will allow you and your team the most fulfillment.

Evaluate Priorities

In a world where everything seems to be priority number one, it can be difficult to sift through tasks and prioritize accordingly. Mid-year is a great time to identify what is missing and begin to pull in what you need to make the most of the year while also planning for a successful start in the coming year.

It is about balancing the short-term, high-priority tasks needed to hit your goals with the intentional focus on fundamental and structural needs that will ensure mid-term and long-term success within your team. An example of short-term high priority tasks is making sure everyone on the team is completing leading indicator activities that produce results, such as customer contacts, marketing activities, and follow through. As a leader and coach remembering to invest in the development and skill set needs of each of your team members leads to long-term success.

For those leaders who would like to outsource personal and professional development for the team a great option is the Future Legacy Partners Team Series.

Evaluate Personal Priorities

Now is also the perfect time to reflect on your personal priorities and make the most out of your year moving forward. Look at your professional goals, work-life balance, and remind yourself what is most important.

Incorporating these tips into your mid-year reflections and planning will help you gain a better understanding of where you have been, where you are, and most importantly, where you are going. Keep in mind that being flexible and adaptable as your business climate changes will help you consistently reprioritize.

If you find that you need help along the way, we are here!

Wishing you a reflective and forward-thinking mid-year,

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