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Why Investing in Coaching and Development for Your Team is Critical at Any Stage

A common theme we’re finding is that small to medium-sized business owners are sometimes hesitant to invest in coaching and development because they want to wait until they get the “right” team in place. We can tell you from our experience coaching thousands of business owners and their teams that rarely will you ever have a “perfect” team in place.

On the contrary, coaching is well-suited for teams that are not in a perfect state. Keep in mind, not having a perfect team doesn’t mean the team is unhealthy. However, not developing your current team can plague your business, further reducing profits and harming employee retention.

According to this article from Pathgather, “63 percent of workers now participate in job-related learning”, according to the Pew Research Center. Executives are generally paying more attention to learning. 80 percent of “L&D pros agree that developing employees is top-of-mind for the executive team,” according to a LinkedIn analysis. Meanwhile, 90 percent of executives believe L&D programs can help close a skills gap.

However, most employees aren’t getting the type of training they need. Three-quarters of organizations “currently focus primarily on traditional learning and development methods that fall short of empowering employees to acquire skills and take responsibility to improve the work itself,” according to a research report from Bersin by Deloitte titled High-Impact Learning Organization: Maturity Model and Top Findings.

Too often, today’s learning programs aren’t designed for the modern workforce, people who rarely have time to spend hours on an instructional course. “Today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient,” Bersin declared in an infographic called Meet the Modern Learner. Employees can only spend 1 percent of their time on training and development. That aligns with LinkedIn’s research, in which half of L&D professionals say they have trouble getting workers to make time for learning.”

This is why coordinated, intentional training and development that is delivered in manageable units is so critical for teams at any stage. We work with business teams of all sizes providing comprehensive, professional training and coaching delivered in timely and convenient ways by experienced, expert coaches.

The key is to start now. Not only can this curriculum help develop your current team, it also becomes a valuable onboarding toolset that can be used with every new hire.

If you’re interested in finding the curriculum that’s right for YOUR team, contact us at Future Legacy Partners, where we can customize our coaching curriculum to your needs. Our programs are great for existing teams who love their roles and excel at them. They are equally as great for teams who are redefining themselves.

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Source: Pathgather

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